Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Henry and Esther

Of late I've been inspired to pull out my paint brushes and paints to paint. The portrait inspiration came from a vintage photograph I brought off of etsy. I used the girl on the far right of the image as a starting point.   I call her Esther and she is waiting for her beau to come home from the war. They'll get married in the church up on the hill just away from their homes.

While Esther waits for Henry to come home, she'll plant gardens, bake bread, make quilts, write in her diary and write long letters to Henry.

And whereever she is, Esther always carries a picture of her beloved Henry.

Esther's garden will of course grow peas and beans!

And she'll always have a nice loaf of bread to serve up to her visitors for supper. 
Hmm, I think we'll see more of Henry and Esther. I will like to see what her home looks like inside. I think it will be very differnt to Olive's home. Which sadly was flooded out and ruined when the shed her home was stored in leaked during heavy rains and Olive's place no longer is :( . Ah well, at least I have the memory here.

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