Saturday, 5 October 2013

homely comforts

While not extacly vintage, I do get a lot of enjoyment out of surfing the web to find 'vintagey' ideas. This is my watching tv as I don't watch tv at all.

There's all sorts of wonderous free ideas out there on the web. And if you are trying to be frugal like me, the free web things make up for not buying millions of books and magazines like I used to. Oh I still buy magazines and books, I can't help myself but I don't buy as many.
The web can give you free recipes like the scone recipe I used this morning to make some rather looking rustic scones. They're not perfect.

Not perfect, but the scones are edible. 
Lately on the web I've been enjoying watching a set of series from BBC which a kind youtuber has uploaded to give all of the episodes and shows in the series. If you like historical living shows this will make you happy like it did me.
BBC Wartime Farm part one
If you watch the BBC Green Valley also Ruth Goodman shows you how to turn homemade cottage cheese into a hard cheese like cheddar. I think of all them my favourites are the wartime, edwardian and Green Valley one.  Find all of them on Maddie Gillett youtube channel (scrowl down to find them)


  1. Thanks for those links, Shiralee. A friend of mine made some scones the other day as she was trialling a recipe. They turned out nicely. I don't bother with them as mine have always turned out like rocks. LOL!

  2. The links have been enjoyable for me.
    My scones are always hit and miss. Mum tells me fail scones are because the dough was over worked. Or the ingredients werent cold. Or the oven not hot enough. And if they raise wonky like mine it is because I didn't just cut the dough without twisting the cutter. Maybe one day I'll get a WHOLE proper month of good looking scones. :)