Sunday, 6 October 2013

Tea for health

After a particularly bad night of being crook, I’ve decided to clean up my own health. I’m starting up my walking again and I’m cutting out coffee altogether. I usually drink two cups in the morning and up to four during the day so I think a coffee quitting attempt is reasonable. I’ll take up on more tea and water. Oddly I drink my coffee with sugar and milk, but with tea I can do without both so I think more tea drinking will benefit me. I’m currently finding some herbal tea recipe drinks too and recently brought a packet of chamomile seeds to start growing for tea!

Hopefully the weather will remain fine enough to get into walking. I live in an area that is pretty enough and well footpath for people who exercise. I’ll share some images on my walks.
Now off to finding some tea drink recipes. I’ll be looking at the Homestead Blessing Herbal DVD again as the ladies did show some chamomile tea making.  


  1. Shiralee, so sorry you have been feeling unwell. I also drink too much coffee and have my tea with milk which isn't as good as just plain black tea :-( We used to be in the Herb Club here in town in the 1970s and we used to drink a lot of herbal teas such as lemongrass tea, lemon balm tea, comfrey tea (in moderation of course) etc. Actually if you want any lemon balm I can bring some to one of the swaps. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hi Nana Chel,
    Thank you. I think with this hot weather we've been having quitting coffee is going to be a smooth go. So far two days in and I'm not clawing at anyone LOL.
    If you are going to this Saturday's morning tea group I won't say no to your lemon balm. I have seeds and planing to plant them but a nice mature plant won't go astray either. Thank you kindly for the offer.