Monday, 21 October 2013

milk and cream

One night for dessert we made up a Lemon Sago. I've never had Sago before and all I can say about it is it was very lemon-y. We had it with whipped cream and extra ice cream. After a few hot days the dessert was a welcome treat. We are not even finished Spring yet, Summer is going to be a sorcher.
Spring is out in full bloom and there are plenty of flowers out and about to admire. I must take some photos of the Jacaranda trees as their purplish pale hue are gracing our town streets and looking particularly pretty. Some people don't like them because they don't smell nice when wet.

A fairy chair left out last winter to weather. The bark is all smooth now on the thin branches I used and they are pale as can be. The long thin green grass leaves I used to tie everything together so I didn't use glue, has also weather and now the grass leaves are brittle too. I'll put the chair back in the garden for a restful place for a fairy.
I've been playing in my art journals again. Scratching on paper, thinking about moon things and field flowers. I've always liked owls so an owl or two has to feature some where.

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