Thursday, 17 October 2013


I've spent my day sorting through many of the little things I've aquired over time. Most are from the thrift store or given to me by others. I don't pay a lot of money for things unless quality is needed for tools because you can't skimp on good quality tools like paints or paintbrushes.

Over the years I've become less inclinded to hoard a lot of things but I still like to keep things I might one day use. But sometimes rarely do.
On the bookcase I've sorted through are some junk journals...mine and one from a swap. Many papers and things I don't want to throw away end up in the journals.

 My books have dwindled down to a very select few to the many, many, many, ones I used to have. I think sometimes it can be overload to have too many books. Time is spent dreaming about making those projects in the books and never do. I know I have. Eventually though there are some I will make and will share too. As always any project will be paper, paint, or fabric. My three favourite things to keep too. I still have more things to sort through and declutter but it is fun finding some interesting things I forgot I had. It's like shopping in a thrift store...oh wait ...most of the things are from the thrift store!


  1. I love that Weetbix tin, Shiralee. I also have too many books that I need to sort through. My husband has boxes of books from the Op Shops which he never reads .....but he might one day. :-)

  2. Hi Nana Chel, the Weetbix tin is great isn't it? Wish we could have our food packaged like that all the time. I think it was for some anniversary. Oh I know what your husband is like LOL! I suppose he and you know about Toowoomba's yearly bookfest. :)