Monday, 2 March 2015

Home thoughts: The graceful and peaceful home

 “Be it ever so humble there’s no place like home…”

When making a home it is easy to be lost in the hustle and bustle which surrounds the activity needed to create a home. My home keeping thoughts for today encourages ways to bring grace and peace into our homes and lives. While not all homes can be peaceful and graceful all the time there are plenty of ways to bring in a peaceful and graceful atmosphere.

Tidiness: A home that is messy will mean the occupants will always find it impossible to keep calm and peaceful. Being tidy helps with finding items quickly and it saves the trouble of wasting valuable time trying to find that one single item needed to complete a task.

Organizational tips:
Boxes, baskets, jars, and other containers are useful to store items in. When storing items keep all ‘like’ things together. Mark and label your storage containers as soon as possible and make it easy to identify what is in the box. 

Labels are easily made from any number of sources. Manila file folders can be cut down, as can be cereal boxes, as well as old cards. Labels can be prettily made by stamping, painting, covering in paper and so on. They shouldn't cost anything to make. Inexpensive twine can be use for the hangers or ribbon can be used for the hanger.

Journals and lists:
When finding ways to create a peaceful atmosphere in your home, list making can be very useful. This can be done either in the early morning or the night before. The main thing to consider is not to let the lists rule your household or you. If you can't complete the task don’t let that worry you, move the task to the top of the list for the next day. Lists are not the only thing to be used for creating a peaceful home. Menu planning for meals can also be helpful. Create a home journal recipe binder to store menu planning in so they are all together when needed.

A graceful home can be accomplished very affordably. If you have a garden, cut flowers always look attractive placed about the home. Even simple yard foliage and herbs can be used to create a pretty floral arrangement for the home. Potpourri brings in  pleasing aromatic scents, as do scented candles, which when lit, and safely used, create a charming and elegant atmosphere to any room.

The kitchen can give home baked goodies. Items from the pantry can be graciously shared with family and friends. Sharing abundances is one simple way to encourage grace and peace in any home.

Table dressing:
Sewing and folding napkins in your own particular style is simple and effective way to decorate your table next time you have a meal. Even scraps of fabric can become smart new table napkins. Napkins can also be made from old bed sheets or table cloths. The main point is they need not cost a great deal to make.


Cut your napkin to the most generous size you can. Small table napkins never look as stylish as large ones. Cut napkins at least 40 cm squares as this allows for 3 cm all around or hems. You may allow for less hems particularly for frayed napkin edges where you only top stitch around the napkin to stop the edges fraying further.

To make a frayed stencil napkin:

Cut napkin to desired size ( 40 cms / 16 inches)
Fray the edges by pulling strands away from all around the sides.
Top stitch around the napkin to prevent the edges from fraying in further.

Use the pattern below and using a craft scalpel knife cut (very carefully) out the pieces that need to be stenciled.

Use a stiff brush and fabric paint (dry on the brush) stencil the design on the fabric in colours you like.

Right click on image and save to use as a stencil
Cutlery Fold:

Fold napkin in half, then fold back layer for hem
Fold hem-width down again to form band across centre
Turn napkin over, holding band in place at each side
Hold the folded hem and fold over as shown


To have a graceful and peaceful home need not be expensive or even time consuming. The home garden, kitchen pantry, the sewing basket and simple home keeping skills all can be used towards creating very frugal and beautiful items to make a home filled with grace and peace. 

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 I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.

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  1. Lot of good ideas there, Shiralee. So nice to have your blog back up and running again.

    1. Thanks Nanna Chel. It's good to be back.

  2. You have answered my missing piece of the puzzle - a graceful home. Thank you for this fabulous list - it has motivated me today. I have 5 weeks holiday and I think everything you have listed is doable in the 5 weeks.

    1. Phil,
      I hope you enjoy your 5 week holiday and have a good time trying a few of the ideas. I try to make sure things I share are doable and frugal.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post on making a house a home :) Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! We are glad to have you!

    1. Jes,
      Thank you for commenting and following. I look forward to more Home-making Mondays