Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Rose delights

To prepare rose water, first gather fresh rose blossoms; this should be done in the morning when all dew has gone. Next place petals in a glass, stainless steel or enamel saucepan and cover the petals with distilled water. Weigh the floating petals down with a heat-resistant glass dish.
Place pan over low heat and allow the steam to release for at least an hour. After an hour drops of rose oil floating to the surface of the water should be seen. Do not allow the water to boil.
When the water has taken on a rosy hue, feels thick and soft, and rose oil can be seen on the surfaces train and press all the liquid from the petals. Store in refrigerator.

(NOTE: Don't use roses sprayed with chemicals)

Use as a light fragrance. It doesn't last long but is nice for it’s brief uplifting scent of fresh rose petals.
Rose water may be used as a skin toner by applying to the face with a cotton ball.
Hair Rinse. Use after shampooing and conditioning hair. Thoroughly rise and follow up with rose water. It leaves a delicate scent in hair.
Scented bed sheets. Place in a spray bottle and lightly mist sheets.
Use in Turkish Delights.
Use in rose jams.

Melt basic soap and rose water in a saucepan, no water is required. Add  about 2 tablespoons of glycerin stir well and add a fragrance if desired. You can also had a soap dye at this stage if you like. The rose water made from red roses will do a good job of coloring soap so no dye is really necessary. Pour soap into molds. Chill for 15 mins in freezer then take out of molds. Cure for two weeks if using brought grated shop soap, if using home made  grated lye soap cure for over six weeks.

More about hand-milled soap: Hand milled soap

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Is this the same rose water that is used in Turkish delight?

    1. Phil,
      My books say you can use this rose water in Turkish delight. Just don't use roses that have been chemically sprayed and the rose water only keeps for about a week in the fridge.

  2. Interesting. I didn't know you could use roses in such a way.
    Turkish delight, like in the movie Narnia?! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I can almost smell the rose scent. Such a pretty heart shaped rose soap. Blessings to you. ♥ Teri