Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Sunshine and shadow

After a pretty warm day it was nice to get a few things finished indoors and not be out in the heat. I finished the house and leaves embroidery into a cushion. And I also finished up a couple of tins for this lesson. So without much ado here's a simple lesson on how to pretty up those chocolate or bikkie (cookie) tins that are not attractive. 

You will need:
Spray paint in black. I used a car spray paint because that is what dad had in his shed. 
Pearl Ex Powders (or Perfect Pearls or crushed up eye shadow will do as well.)
VersaMark Ink (You can also use artist varnish medium, wait until it is tacky to apply powders.)
Cardboard (for the stencil)
Craft scalpel knife
Soft paint brush
Hard bristle paint brush
Varnish to finish off

To begin you will need to spray paint your tins. Don't spray inside the tin. Cover your hands in rubber gloves or do as I did make do with some plastic shopping bags to cover your hands so they won't get paint on them.  Depending on your tin you might have to sandpaper it first and maybe spray a rust inhibitor on it. When you spray paint your tin spray in a box (you don't want to get paint every where) and spray evenly. Let dry.

Once the tin is dry you need to cut out your stencil. Transfer the design to cardboard and cut out. Be careful about this and if you happen to cut out a part that you shouldn't, repair that part with a thin piece of tape. Take your time and cut carefully and safely.

The next step is to tape your stencil to the tin. Using VersaMark ink apply the ink through the cut out stencil, it will show glossy. Take a stiff brush and use a pouncing method with the brush to apply the powders of your choice. Two tones look nice. Take off the stencil. Use a soft brush to brush off the excess powder.
When you are doing the band around the base of the tin only do one repeat at a time. 
After you are finished spray or paint the tin with clear varnish. Remember to wipe the tin down cleaning it of any dust or powders.

Right click to save for the stencil for the lid

Right click save for the stencil around the base of the tin
 These tins can be used for any number of purposes from storing small items. Keeping biscuits (cookies) in. Used to place a gift in side for giving.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever you are.


  1. Shiralee, the tin looks lovely - very vintage! It is great that you have the pdf link button to make downloading the lesson easier. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Barb,
      I'm glad blogger has the button. Trying to print form a blog post is a headache if you're not in preview post to see how many pages you are printing out.