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We've had a day or two of what I would call mild weather. It's mostly because of a breeze blowing and the day does build up to look like it is going to rain. It's still muggy though, but I'm not complaining as it is far better than the heat. Meanwhile, at the beginning of the year I started up a home made journal/smash book/scrapbook and have been filling in the pages. The book is just a plain A4 notebook from the cheap stores and I'm using up paper from my stash to decorate the pages.
The video above shows how I proceed with the page. I did notice I added in the wrong year but soon changed it. I think I'll be doing that for a bit until I get used to the idea we are in 2015.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever they are.


  1. Fascinating watching you work, Shiralee. I think you need to do us a tutorial showing how to do a video. Looks like jam drops were cooking today.

    1. Nanna Chel,
      The set up I have to make the video is pretty rough. A make do. I have a small table top tripod folded up and stretched out ontop of a long high box. The tripod stretches out over top of the work so it can show all of the work. I still need to move it, make it higher to make sure every thing is in the camera view. I'm still messing about trying to get a good image. Either way you will need a tripod for your camera or ipad if you are doing this. I am using a hd camera.

      P:S: The jam drops were yummy.

  2. Raspberry jam drop biscuits - with a cuppa.
    I agree with Nanna Chel - your videoing skills are great, we would love a tutorial.

    1. Phil,
      home baked with a cuppa for morning smoko is always a good thing. The video tut is pretty simple as I explained to Nanna Chel. A tripod is needed for it unless you can rig up a make do sort of arrangement to get your vid cam high enough. I haven't got my set up right yet and need to mess around with it a bit more to make sure everything is in view.
      Hope that helps.


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