Thursday, 8 January 2015

Home blessings

Shells and Post Dishcloth
(American English crochet stitches)
(chart for British English stitches can be found here.)
Chain - 6 sets + 3
First row: 2dc, ch1, 2dc in 6th chain from hook (shell made) **skip next 2ch, 1 dc in next chain **, skip next 2ch ( 2dc, 1ch, 2dc in next chain (shell) repeat from ** Across ending, 3ch turn.
Second row: 3ch turn counts as first post. Dc shell into chain one space. Miss 2ch, 1 dc into post.  Repeat until length is achieved.
This pattern also makes a nice shawl.

I hope everyone is having a good day or evening where ever they are.


  1. Who is the lady in the photo Shiralee?

    1. Phil,
      her name is Minnie and she's my great grandmother on my mother's side. She died in the early 80's at 90.

  2. Thanks for the pattern, Shiralee. I will have to give that a try one day.

    1. Nanna Chel,
      It's fairly easy. Just remember to make sure the chain sets are the right number. I don't know how many times I messed that up.


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