Monday, 7 May 2012

Flowers for mother - flower spray tutorial

To begin gather your materials. Include beads. Some leaf beads and or leaf sequins. Faux flowers of your choice, you can use paper ones too if they have the stem on them.

If your flowers have the bottoms on them use a pin to poke a hole through the plastic stem part to help thread your wire. Flowers with out any stem can have beads or buttons threaded through the wire then add to the centre (see purple flower).

Take your wire and thread it through all the materials you want to use in your spray.

Once everything is threaded with the wire, arrange them into a nice bouquet, use the wire stems by wrapping around each other to hold everything into place.

When you are done, cover the wire stems with tissue tape, florist tape, or masking tape (which can be colored later).

The sprays can be as full or sparse as you like and can be added to cards, crazy quilts and scrapbook layouts. You could of course add a pin back to make a brooch.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Happy Mothers day.

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