Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sunny flowers

Stencilled luncheon cloth

You may remember the stencilling tips I gave in this post here . From that stencil I created a luncheon cloth from a recycled bed sheet.
I stencilled the image I had drawn up four times in each of the corners. And was careful about the placement so they were arranged nicely.

Then I had to ask mum how to turn the edges over, (I had a fair idea but needed to be sure I was going to do it right). When I had all the edges nicely pressed and sewn into a narrow hem...

...I had a thrifty finished luncheon cloth. I am wanting to do some napkins to match and I think the luncheon cloth needs maybe a crochet trim edge, which I am looking for so I can crochet the trim my self. I will of course, show when I complete the set.
I have enough of this bedsheet to go far. So expect to see more uses for it.

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  1. That is a good idea, Shiralee. It looks lovely. Well done.


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